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CacoyDoce Pares World Federation

The CacoyDoce Pares World Federation was founded by Supreme Grandmaster CiriacoCacoyCanete, one of the original founders of the Doce Pares ArnisEskrima school in Cebu City, Philippines in 1932. This system incorporates the fluid elliptical striking techniques for which CacoyDoce Pares is famous. Disarming and Eskrido throwing techniques are also included as is grappling from Pangamot, and Dumog. The style is realistic and combat-focused employing continuous, rapid, and fluid motion when striking displaying versatility and agility.

CacoyDoce Pares is an advanced weaponry based martial art and tends to be learned much faster than most of the Japanese and Chinese systems. It is very adaptable, as a practitioner can effectively use an umbrella, walking stick or even a tightly rolled newspaper as well as empty hands against an attacker. An experienced Eskrimador can also disarm an attacker who is armed with a stick or bottle, and in the advanced stages of Pangamot (Filipino JuJitsu) training, a knife, machete or even a gun.

There is no age limit to practice Eskrima. Eskrimadors continue to improve as they get older. Our Grandmaster ‘Cacoy’ Cañete still actively spars at the age of 92, with much younger and bigger Eskrimadors unable to land a single strike on him. Like other Martial arts, Eskrima promotes physical and emotional self awareness and self discipline. Strength, speed and flexibility are built up through exercises and routines. In particular flexibility of the wrists, co-ordination of the hands, mental concentration, eye speed and physical sensitivity. This art can improve ones’ performance in any activity relying on wrist movement, such as tennis, squash, drumming and even playing guitar.The words ‘Doce Pares’ are Spanish meaning ‘twelve pairs’. In the Doce Pares system, there are twelve different strikes with twelve corresponding blocks against those strikes.

While it is the World's oldest Eskrima organisation, the CacoyDoce Pares system is constantly being revised and updated by Supreme Grandmaster Canete, who continually tests the system against Eskrimadors from other styles. Supreme Grandmaster CacoyCanete is also highly ranked in Kodokan Judo, JuJitsu, Aikido and Karate and is an experienced wrestler and boxer. He has drawn from this knowledge and combined it with traditional eskrima techniques.

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Doce Pares Eskrima

The Founder

Doce Pares Eskrima was first introduced to Australia in Alice Springs by Grandmaster Martin Gardiner in 1985. A Tang Soo Do instructor and practitioner of Modern Arnis, Grandmaster Gardiner was keen to expand his knowledge of Eskrima. He was introduced to the art by his Tang Soo Do instructor Dr. Frank Scalercio. Grandmaster Gardiner who had studied Modern Arnis, had heard of Supreme Grandmaster Canete and in 1985 he travelled to Cebu to meet him and learn his style first hand. In 1989, five of Martin Gardiner’s students won their divisions at the1st World Championships in Cebu. At the next World Championships held in Manila in January 1992 six Australians, all from the Alice Springs group were Champions. Currently CacoyDoce Pares in Australia is headed by Chief Instructor of the International Combative Martial Arts Academy, Grandmaster Vincent Palumbo, 10th Grade Blackbelt and World Champion Eskrimador.

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