Chief Instructor – Grandmaster Craig

Grandmaster Craig Bajraktarevic-Hayward is one of Australia’s best authorities on the Filipino fighting arts of Eskrima, Eskrido and also Pangamot a Philippine art similar to Jujitsu, but more street-orientated. In November 2010. Craig was promoted to 9th Grade black belt in the style of Supreme Grandmaster CacoyCanete – famous for his fighting ability and his no-nonsense approach to the art.

Craig has traveled to the Philippines many times to study directly under the Supreme Grandmaster and has brought him to Australia to conduct seminars here. A practical master, who believes in testing his knowledge and ability – he regularly competes in tournaments and is the current CacoyDoce Pares World Kulata champion.

When asked to describe his teaching style, Master Craig often says that he “teaches by confusion”; a teaching style seemingly often used in the Philippines . Master Craig allows his classes to develop and move along at an irregular pace so that students do not get locked into a single way or approach. Master Craig’s greatest wish is to produce students with integrity, commitment and a desire to improve.

Grandmaster Craig  Bajraktarevic - Hayward
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Sydney Instructor – Guro Salvador ‘Dee’ Japon – 0405 238 299

Salvador is ECDPI’s head instructor in Sydney’s Inner West area, one of our most supportive instructors ‘Dee’ is a well-rounded martial artist committed to improvement of skills and technical excellence, he has represented the club at many of the tournaments and fight nights we have participated in and can always be relied upon to do us proud.Promoted to 4th Grade Black Belt in October 2009, ‘Dee’ is also ranked in Okinawan Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Upukan and has practiced Muay Tai, MMA and Brazilian JuJitsu.In November 2010 Salvador was inducted into the Doce Pares Hall of Fame as a most Valued Black Belt, just reward for his hard work.

Guro Salvador ‘Dee’ Japon

Queensland Instructors GuroElwynGabutero – 0413 046 671

A self confessed nerd at the commencement of his training, Elwyn has risen to be one of the clubs most influential members and most accomplished fighter. With his particular interest in bladed weaponry and complete honesty towards combat practice, we are all fortunate to have a training partner who challenges our assumptions about what works in a realistic situation. Elwyn moved to Queensland in 208 and has opened a branch of ECDPI in Daisy Hill near Brisbane. He is a trusted instructor who possess the traits of a true martial artist; courage, compassion, integrity and honesty.In June 2012 Elwyn became ECDPI’s third student to reach the rank of 4th Grade Black Belt and along with Guro Salvador Japon and GuroJogn Anthony he was also inducted into the Doce Pares Hall of Fame as a most Valued Black Belt.

Guro Elwyn Gabutero

Guro Teresa Cronin – 0400 290 121

Teresa has been involved in a variety of Martial Arts styles over the years training in Judo, Tae Kwon Do and Jujitsu. After moving to Adelaide Teresa trained with Sensei Laurence Morrissey in Jujitsu before joining Grandmaster Vincent Palumbos’ ICMAA, studying Eskrima and Arjukanpo under the guidance of GM Vince and Master Rob Davies. Now living on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Teresa is teaching Eskrima and is affiliated with Master Craig Bajraktarevic – Hayward in Sydney and attends as many of his seminars as possible. Teresa is also studying Aikido with ChickoXerri Sensei.

Guro Teresa Cronin

East Coast Doce Pares HQ Instructors Guro John Anthony

John Anthony brings a wealth of experience to E.C.D.P.I and is a valued member of our team of instructors, with more than 20 years of diligent practice in the arts of Judo, Karate and more recently Filipino Martial Arts. John is one of our most respected, trusted and well rounded instructors.
John holds the rank of 4th Grade Black Belt in Doce Pares Eskrima and is also ranked in multiple styles of Karate, and has been a practitioner of both Judo and Hapkido.John’s unselfish efforts to promote ECDPI was rewarded in November 2010 when he was inducted into the Doce Pares Hall of Fame for ‘Exemplary Dedication to Doce Pares’.

Guro John Anthony

Instructor Dale Gabutero

Dale Gabutero is a 3rd Grade Black Belt and has been studying the art since 2004. In May 2005, Dale attended the East Coast Doce Pares Institute Invitational Tournament and claimed the heavy weight title, since then he has attended numerous promotional fights and seminars both interstate and internationally.
Since commencing his training, Dale has twice been ECDPI’s student of the year.

Dale Gabutero

Instructor Gerome Balangue – Tel. 0432 181 088

Gerome joined the club in November 2004 and from a humble start has become one of our top students. With his obvious talent and lust for knowledge, Gerome has risen through our ranks to become our newest and youngest instructor. We can all learn from this great attitude and enthusiasm.After practicing Wing Chun and Aikido, Gerome’s passion for the Filipino Martial Arts was rewarded when he was promoted to 3rd Grade Black Belt in June 2012.In late 2011, Gerome opened our latest branch in Western Sydney at the Temple Dogs Gym Glendenning.

Gerome Balangue